Gold panning at Calgary Gem & Mineral show

Here are some pictures of GoldStream Technologies performing gold panning activities at the Calgary Gem & Mineral Show

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The show floor layout

Here is a floor layout with the list of Calgary Gem & Mineral Show 2015 exhibitors: click here

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African stone carvings

Some pictures from the recent Tucson show. These African stone carvings are amazing.

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Free rockhound DVDs for Edmonton Gem & Mineral Show kids

It is already a good tradition for Calgary show and Edmonton kids will also have a chance to get a free rockhoud DVD at the show doors.

First fifty kids (one per family) will get a free copy ($25 value) of one of three The New Crystal Hunters episodes at the doors of Edmonton Gem & Mineral Show […]

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Nothing Rock Shop

This was a most bizarre rock shop visit ever.
I was confused by this article here.
It is 2006 and people are gathering near the city of Nothing rock shop to have a rockhounding trip:

I didn’t do more investigation and just drove 100k one way to find out that there is really NOTHING.
There is […]

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UV Lamp at the Show

Just in time for the show got a new cool UV Lamp. Bring your rocks to the Calgary Gem & Mineral show to check them under short and long ultra violet light if they are fluoresce. By the way it is awesome willemite-calcite-franklenite (green-orange-black) under the short wave.

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Rockhounding at Rock Candy mine – videos

As I promised in the previous post, here is a picture of fluorite crystals plate that was sitting in my Rock Candy mine vug:

And these are a few barite crystals from Bob Jackson’s lucky vug. All these specimens can be seeing in my booth at the Calgary Gem & Mineral Show next week.

This is a […]

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Rockhounding at Rock Candy mine

In July I visited the Rock Candy mine near Grand Forks, BC

There is a photo report. Don’t forget to click on the picture to see some more on the topic

This was a producing fluorite mine operated by Cominco, until it was closed in 1986

Bob Jackson, the current owner of the mine, explaining the deposit

Me, posing […]

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The New Crystal Hunters episodes for Calgary Gem & Mineral Show

I just finished watching two new episodes of The New Crystal Hunters series filmed by Blue Cap Production.
Enjoyed this so much! These educational rockhound movies will be donated to the first 100 kids at the Show doors.

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Gold panning booth at Calgary Gem & Mineral Show

I am excited to announce that all visitors of upcoming show will have a chance to try their luck and skills panning for gold. Thanks to Alberta Gold Prospectors Association that will run the gold panning booth.

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