I was doing some work in Tucson, Arizona recently. No doubts, I paid a visit to the excellent mineralogical museum in the University of Arizona. Here are a few pictures to your attention:

The Flandrau Science Center, where the Museum occupies the lower level

My main topic in mineral collection is native metals, so I concentrated on the outstanding exposition of metals.

This is a stunning crystallized gold from Eagle’s Nest Mine. Placer Co., California

Cute triangular gold crystal from Icabarú, Bolívar, Venezuela

These are my sidekicks from back-home – native platinum cubes from Konder Massif, Siberia

Great canonical silver – Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway

This is a most amazing copper I ever seeing. This is a mug!

Beautiful Bisbee Copper specimen zoomed in

This is a really big (about 4cm), rare and aesthetic platinum nugget from Nizhnii Tagil, Middle Ural Mountains, Siberia, Russia. Platinum’s specific gravity is huge 21.5 – so this nugget’s weight would be more than 100g!

Another platinum nugget, also big but not as pretty as previous one. Nizhnii Tagil, Middle Ural Mountains, Siberia, Russia

Sperrylite (Platinum Arsenide) Konder Massif, Khabarovsk Region, Siberia, Russa