I promised to post some info about the mine from which beautiful lode gold door prizes of Calgary Gem & Mineral Show are coming. Morgan Mine was a small surface and underground Au-Ag-Pb-Cu mine located in Quijotoa Mountains (Pima County, Arizona)
If you zoom-in closely, you’ll see some Morgan Mine diggings in the desert:

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Here is a mineralogy quotation from mindat.org :
Mineralization is a shear zone with spotty free gold and silver chlorides with minor oxidized base metal sulfides in quartz, gouge, calcite and iron and manganese oxides. The ore zone is 9.14 meters long and 1.22 meters wide. The vein filling consists chiefly of banded, coarse, dense, grayish-white quartz, commonly accompanied by dark-red gouge. This quartz forms lenticular masses, from 10 to 30 feet long by 1 to 4 feet wide, which fray out abruptly into stringers. It is accompanied by calcite, iron oxides, and some manganese dioxide. The ore consists mainly of dense, gray, brecciated quartz cemented in part with hematite and calcite. The gold occurs chiefly in this cementing material and is in places associated with manganese dioxide. Read more from mindat

According to “Arizona Lode Gold Mines and Mining” book, page 179 – one carload of ore, shipped from Morgan mine in 1931 contained 1.39 ounces of gold and 1.11 ounces of silver per ton

Morgan mine produced in 1917 and 1931.

I will depict my Morgan Mine gold specimens acquisition story in the future post.