At the previous show in 2010 we donated 50 DVDs with the first episode from gem mines of Pala. Improving this old good tradition, this time it is going to be 100 free rockhound DVDs for the first 100 families with kids.

The New Crystal Hunters takes kids on the adventure of a lifetime as they travel across the USA digging for real mineral treasures.

Blue Cap production filmed two new episodes and they will be given as a gifts at the show doors.

Episode “Arkansas”: Mark, Damien and Max travel with filming group to the state of Arkansas where they visit the Crater of Diamonds State Park and Ron Coleman’s Quartz Mine in the search for crystal treasures.

Episode “Smokey Hawk”: Nora, Lo and Lauren head off to Colorado to look for Amazonite and Smoky Quartz at the Smoky Hawk Claim owned by Joe Dorris of Pinacle 5 Minerals.
These are some pieces they uncovered during the filming:

The future of the mineral collecting hobby lies in the hands of kids just like the ones featured in these films. Donating these DVDs, Calgary Gem & Mineral Show is hoping to show other kids how exciting, rewarding and educating mineral collecting can be.