Australian gold nuggets for the Show door prizes

Calgary Gem and Mineral Show will have the door prize draws every two hours during its time in November.
It will be the native gold only, sorry for this poor assortment. It is going to be 10 draws in total starting Friday evening. Here is the picture of Australian gold nuggets, from which five beauties will […]

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Calgary Gem and Mineral Show guest speaker

I am happy to announce that Brad Wilson will be a part of the Show. He will showcase his collection and present two lectures.

The topic of first lecture (on Saturday) is “Canadian Gemstones”. Mr. Wilson will talk about coloured gemstones from Canada. Gems like sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, a variety of garnets, iolite, spinel, […]

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Calgary Gem and Mineral Show poster released

Click on picture to print it out

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Sugar Creek Woolly Mammoth

These woolly mammoth tusks were discovered by Lincoln College (Illinois) freshman in September 2005.
Student stumbled upon finding, while studying river mussels in Sugar Creek (Logan County).
Radiocarbon dating analysis revealed surprisingly late date – this animal died about
11,600 years ago. It is very close to commonly accepted timing of North American mammoth
extinction some 11,000 years back. One of the 11 ft tusks undergone restoration and now
is on display in Lincoln College library. These amazing photos depict the discovery.

photo credit: SugarCreekPhoto

photo credit: SugarCreekPhoto

photo credit: SugarCreekPhoto

photo credit: SugarCreekPhoto

photo credit: SugarCreekPhoto


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Gold from Flickr

photo credit: Tator1982

photo credit: danorth1

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The rocks are waiting

Performance by Utah Museum of Natural History kids.
This band has a huge future.

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Lady Obama Wears Woolly Mammoth Jewelry

Michelle Obama has been wearing Monique Pean sustainable fine jewelry for Earth Month.

Read more here

See jewelry here

More Monique Pean Jewelry

And more Monique Pean Jewelry

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