Calgary Herald will print and distribute the Show flyers

Calgary Herald will print and distribute 30,000 Show flyers:

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Journeys Through the Brazilian Mining Areas

Rob Belcher will present his “Journeys Through the Brazilian Mining Areas” at the Calgary Gem & Mineral Show on Sunday 11:30am 28th of November 2010

Rob Belcher started mineral collecting in his 20’s and in 1985 did his first mineral show at the opening of the Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, […]

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Denver Mineral Show 2010

Here are some pictures from the Denver Mineral Show that I visited last week. The guests of Calgary Gem & Mineral Show will have an opportunity to see quite a few beautiful specimens from there in November.

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The Show will be advertised in Metro

The contract signed to have a full colour insert in every Metro newspaper for a week prior to the start of the Show. Metro is the largest and fastest growing international newspaper in the world. In Calgary Metro attracting a young, active, well-educated metropolitan audience of over 60,000 daily readers.

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The University of Arizona Mineral Museum pictures

I was doing some work in Tucson, Arizona recently. No doubts, I paid a visit to the excellent mineralogical museum in the University of Arizona. Here are a few pictures to your attention:

The Flandrau Science Center, where the Museum occupies the lower level

My main topic in mineral collection is native metals, so I concentrated on the outstanding exposition of metals.

This is a stunning crystallized gold from Eagle’s Nest Mine. Placer Co., California

Cute triangular gold crystal from Icabarú, Bolívar, Venezuela

These are my sidekicks from back-home – native platinum cubes from Konder Massif, Siberia

Great canonical silver – Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway

This is a most amazing copper I ever seeing. This is a mug!


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Goldrush novel will be presented at the Calgary Gem & Mineral Show

Keith Powell – the author of historical novel about riches goldrush in Canadian Rockies – will present his book at the Calgary Gem & Minerals Show. There will be a rare opportunity to get this exciting adventurous book signed by author.

Gold rushes have played an important and significant role in the development of modern-day […]

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The Gem & Mineral Show will be advertised in Calgary Transit

I am happy to announce that the contract with Pattison Outdoor – Canada’s largest Out-of-Home advertising company – is signed. Calgary Gem and Mineral Show will be advertised by posters in Calgary Transit. All 150 city train cars will care the Show poster and 400 buses as well. The campaign will start 2 weeks before […]

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Morgan Mine

I promised to post some info about the mine from which beautiful lode gold door prizes of Calgary Gem & Mineral Show are coming. Morgan Mine was a small surface and underground Au-Ag-Pb-Cu mine located in Quijotoa Mountains (Pima County, Arizona)
If you zoom-in closely, you’ll see some Morgan Mine diggings in the desert:

View Larger Map

Here […]

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Free rockhound DVDs for Calgary Gem & Mineral Show kids

First fifty kids (one per family) will get a free copy of New Crystal Hunters: Pala at the doors of Calgary Gem & Mineral Show 2010.

This is a first film in the series lunched by BlueCap Productions, the main purpose of which is to bring kids and crystal treasure hunting together.

In this episode Brooks, […]

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Morgan Mine gold specimens as the Show door prizes

Here we are with some pictures of lode gold from Morgan Mine (Arizona). Five of these outstanding native gold specimens will act as the Show door prizes. The pictures of particular specimens will be announced in October. I will describe the Morgan Mine in more details in one of the future posts.

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