Calgary Gem Show 2020, Pandemic Edition!

We’ve. Got. Exciting. News! ⁠

We are going ahead with our annual — real life — Calgary Gem Show on 16-18 October at Big Four, Stampede grounds.

We will be featuring 30+ of the best gem/mineral/jewellery vendors from all over Canada.

Two amazing companies have partnered up to create a truly pandemic worthy event you don’t want […]

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Calgary Gem Show 2015 layout

Here is a floor layout with the list of Calgary Gem & Mineral Show 2015 exhibitors: click here

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Edmonton 2015 Floor Layout

Here you can find the Edmonton Gem & Mineral Show 2015 floor plan: Click Here

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Gold panning at Calgary Gem & Mineral show

Here are some pictures of GoldStream Technologies performing gold panning activities at the Calgary Gem & Mineral Show

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The show floor layout

Here is a floor layout with the list of Calgary Gem & Mineral Show 2015 exhibitors: click here

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African stone carvings

Some pictures from the recent Tucson show. These African stone carvings are amazing.

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Free rockhound DVDs for Edmonton Gem & Mineral Show kids

It is already a good tradition for Calgary show and Edmonton kids will also have a chance to get a free rockhoud DVD at the show doors.

First fifty kids (one per family) will get a free copy ($25 value) of one of three The New Crystal Hunters episodes at the doors of Edmonton Gem & Mineral Show […]

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Nothing Rock Shop

This was a most bizarre rock shop visit ever.
I was confused by this article here.
It is 2006 and people are gathering near the city of Nothing rock shop to have a rockhounding trip:

I didn’t do more investigation and just drove 100k one way to find out that there is really NOTHING.
There is […]

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UV Lamp at the Show

Just in time for the show got a new cool UV Lamp. Bring your rocks to the Calgary Gem & Mineral show to check them under short and long ultra violet light if they are fluoresce. By the way it is awesome willemite-calcite-franklenite (green-orange-black) under the short wave.

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Rockhounding at Rock Candy mine – videos

As I promised in the previous post, here is a picture of fluorite crystals plate that was sitting in my Rock Candy mine vug:

And these are a few barite crystals from Bob Jackson’s lucky vug. All these specimens can be seeing in my booth at the Calgary Gem & Mineral Show next week.

This is a […]

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